About Me


Maria Shahid

As an educator at diversified colleges, Author Maria Shahid knows that to deliver fully on her promise to prepare students for life; she must educate them with books about multilingualism in a microcosm of society. For two years, students learn on their campus, and Maria must graduate them to be citizens of a world rich in racial, ethnic, and other kinds of socially salient diversities. For example, her classes are usually between 22-30 students. They all come from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and learning abilities. It certainly is the case that diversity and excellence have grown together historically at the most successful of institutions. Indeed, in terms of top private colleges and universities, the most prestigious institutions are among the most diverse. IRC is an excellent example of a diversified area recognizing that intellectual vitality and diversity are inseparable. The place has embarked on a significantly successful track to diversify its staff, coworkers, and curriculum. Author Maria Shahid taught Medical Terminology for Butte Community College, a class for the Health Department of Butte County.

She is also currently in the field. She goes to Mexico during the summer and attends seminars/pieces of training to learn new methodologies and to improve teaching and communication procedures.  In the summer of 2013, Maria visited Aguascalientes, Mexico and attended a seminar titled “Incorporacion de Cultura y Lengua en el aula” by “Grupo de Capacitación para el mejoramiento personal en docencia.” She also participated in a proposed “Intercultural Communication” project at Pacific University, Oregon. She is familiar with teaching and multiculturalism books because she has worked for Butte College since 1989. She is also familiar with print media since she is the ambassador for Spanish news via the internet from Mexico City. She worked for California Human Development Corporation as a Coordinator to open classes for the newly legalized aliens. She continues to be a volunteer in different community programs. Maria is also part of the “No Gang in Chico” program, the “Barrios Unidos” program, and the Spanish T.V. weekly program. She has kept herself well informed in all activities concerning her community. 

Moreover, Maria is the founder of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Northern California and printed Sabias que…? A Spanish newspaper for over 16 years, and, due to the pandemic, it moved to a digital daily T.V. program: Facebook-Diario Sabias que. She enjoys teaching and being a community leader and feels it is time to leave her alma mater. Suffice it to say that she is well prepared to take on the leadership of any position at this time. 

Maria traveled to 17 different countries, among them Dubai, Pakistan, Europe (Spain, Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Portugal, France), England, Croatia, Thailand, and Singapore, among others, earning a highly multicultural experience that has opened opportunities for Maria to expand her topics in the conferences. She highly believes that with her experience, she will be a great asset in anyone’s life to say, “I Want To Learn.”